People like to buy stuff. They don’t like to be sold to. Those are facts of life. They always have been. There’s nothing new there.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the current state of the marketing/advertising industry. We spend billions trying to get people to notice us and act.

Rather than tell them to like us, how about we do what it takes to be liked?

Let me explain.

There’s a Mom-n-Pop type pizza joint that I really like. I go there often. They make good pizza. Yes, it’s just good, not great. Their fries are terrible.

I still go there often. In fact, I drive by three other pizza joints to get to it. I even order their fries. I order them, despite the fact that they’re barely edible.

I order them, despite the fact that they’re barely edible.

It’s actually far enough away that I’m out of their delivery zone. I don’t even get their flyers and menus. I found them by accident.

It isn’t the cheapest place. Their prices are actually in the top third for this type of place.

I still go there often. I don’t go everyday type of often, but often enough. It’s “my” pizza place.

Don’t we all have “our” places? We have “our” pizza place. We have “our” watering holes. We have “our” stores for just about anything.

What about our customers?

Don’t we all want to be “their” place?

Of course, we do.

That’s what “Raving Fans” is all about. The Customer Experience trumps everything else. (tweet)

Every time I walk in that pizza place, I’m greeted with a “Hey, Meester Peter!”

I don’t have the heart to tell them I prefer, “Pete.”

They know where we like to sit. They give us menus, (as if we need them). The server asks if we’re ready for our drinks. She doesn’t need to ask what we want. She already knows.

They even started stocking Cherry Coke™ for my daughters.  I never asked them to do that, but it endeared them to me. (tweet)

I’m a Raving Fan. I won’t mention them because of the fry thing. I’m a polite Raving Fan. I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

A while ago, before Oracle bought them out, RightNow Technologies put out a Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report.

  • 86% of respondent would pay more for a better experience or service. I can vouch for that!
  • 89% – Switched to a competitor because of a poor experience. I must have had a “pizza place” before this one. I can’t remember it. That’s sort of the point.
  • 73% – The number who said a friendly experience made them fall in love with a brand. I would add “repeated” to the friendly experience part. We are people first, customers second.

To quote Blake Morgan in Forbes™, “In 2014 Gartner predicted that by 2016 89% of brands would compete mainly on customer experience, versus 36% four years ago. It’s 2016! Today brands are indeed competing on customer experience—but some brands are painfully unaware.”

Let’s make sure we are not part of the “painfully unaware” gang.

What “Competing on Customer Experience” means

It means that your prices are not the main consideration. At least, it means that for 86% of your customers.

It means that we need to monitor the quality of customers’ experience as tightly as we monitor the quality of our products.

It means talking to them not talking at them.  (tweet)

It means communicating when they want. (tweet)

It means communicating a message they want to hear. (tweet)

It means not pissing them off! It means not insulting their intelligence.

Fortunately, for all retailers, the bar is not (yet?) set very high.

The system already exists to do all that. You can implement that system within days.

Really, days! That’s not a typo.

We call it Tether™. It doesn’t need an app. It doesn’t need CRM integration. It doesn’t need heaps of pricey software.

It just works.

Text “Join” to 80808. I’ll be happy to show you how we can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Peter PinfoldPeter Pinfold is a co-founder, and CMO of MobileXCo, a mobile technology and customer experience solution provider.

MobileXCo simplifies the world of mobile marketing.  Do you want to connect, identify, and build 1:1 relationships with your customers? Ask me about the Tether™ Experience Management Platform!

No apps. No hardware. Just results!

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The Forbes quote is re-printed with the author’s permission. Thank you, Blake.

Blake Morgan, is a customer experience adviser. You can read her full Forbes article, The Customer Experience Performance Gap, here. You can also sign up for her newsletter, here. To follow Blake on Twitter, click here.


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