Customers are not things. Far from it, they come and go as they please. We don’t own them.  In fact, the more we think we own them, the more likely we’ve already lost them.

The customer relationship is another thing altogether. Recently, a study showed that 73% of companies thought they had good relationships with their customers. Only 36% of customers agreed.


Taking ownership of that relationship is a worthy goal. After all, don’t you take care of the things you own? Don’t you nurture them? Don’t you maintain them?

Of course, you do.

So, own the customer relationship. Take care of it. Nurture it. Maintain it. Guard it jealously. (tweet)

Don’t let Facebook, Twitter or Instagram own your customers’ info. Keep it close to your vest.

We are the relationship’s custodians.  We are responsible for its well-being.  But, we don’t control it. The customer does. He/she decides how, when, or even if, there is a relationship at all.

We just provide the incentives.

We provide reasons for them to create that relationship.

That means we have to make it a two-way conversation. That also means we need to talk one-on-one. That isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Done right, it’s a beautiful, symbiotic thing.

Done wrong, it’s creepy as hell.

It’s better to do it right. But, how?

If you run anything larger than a couple of hot dog carts, the difficulties involved in one-on-one conversations are significant. Fortunately, you don’t need to go it alone. Your customers will help if you let them.

We will too.

How your customers help

Customers help in two ways, and both are unintentional. One is technological in nature. The other is psychological.

Let’s start with the easy one, technology.

Your customer is walking around with a powerful computer. He has instant access to thousands of terabytes of data. It also serves as a proxy for identifying him. He engages with it often and everywhere.

Yes, it’s his smartphone. That phone is always on. It’s always scanning for Wi-Fi points. It’s ready to call its owner to attention at a moment’s notice.  It’s fitted with gyroscopes, location sensors, SMS/MMS capability, email capability, cameras, web browsers, and social network accessibility.

Effectively, your customers built you a road directly to them.

Use it. (tweet)

This might seem like common sense, but only 16% of companies have a mobile strategy. Only 7% have a system in place to support mobile growth (“Predictions 2015: Most Brands will Underinvest in Mobile,”)  (tweet)

The second way customers help is psychological.

This just might help more than smartphones. At least, it has that potential. It’s counter-intuitive. Fair warning: It may even sound insulting at first. Please, bear with me.

You’re a Big Company. They see you as big and soul-less. They don’t trust you. You have no heart, no feelings. You couldn’t care less about them as people. If they have a problem, you don’t care — you’ve already been paid. At best, you might pretend to care while reaching into their wallets yet again. (Retail Trends)

Phew! Still here? Good.

Now, let’s get real.

Is that not the biggest pile of malarkey ever? Even the most mercenary of corporations doesn’t fit that image.

Yet, that is what most people think of all corporations. That is what your customers think.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, “This is supposed to help?? Really?!?“

Yes, really. It actually helps a lot. How?

Just prove them wrong.

Prove them wrong by showing them that you are a collection of people.

Prove them wrong by fixing their problems quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

Prove them wrong by showing that you care what they think. (tweet)

Prove them wrong with targeted offers. (tweet)

Prove them wrong by connecting when and where they want to connect. (tweet)

Prove them wrong by communicating one-on-one in a relevant manner. (tweet)

That’s where we come in

MobileXco is the Mobile Experience Company. We make it easy for you and your customers to communicate. We cover every single point listed above.

It’s what we do.

With our flagship product, Tether™, you can do all that. You can do all that in real-time.

It’s all about the customer.

They are your customers. You are our customer. So, it’s all about both of you.

Your Tether™ system tracks customers, campaigns, and channels. It will even track by location. Best of all, it does all that without any modifications to your existing POS system, and without anyone having to download an app!

You can do all that while building your subscriber database using SMS! SMS is the way they prefer to communicate. So, that’s the way you should communicate with them, no?

There’s no muss, no fuss with Tether™. It just works.  Ask me how, or, better yet, try it yourself. Text JOIN to 80808. Boom, it’s done!

About the Author

Peter Pinfold is a co-founder of MobileXCo, a mobile technology and solution provider.

MobileXCo simplifies the world of mobile marketing.  Do you want to connect, identify, and build 1:1 relationships with your customers? Ask me about the Tether™ Experience Management Platform!

No apps. No hardware. Just results!

Tether™ by MobileXCo

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